ProSys International Limited designs and develops medical devices Class 1 and Class 1 sterile, Class IIA sterile and non sterile devices, and Class IIB sterile in the fields of urology, dialysis, stoma care, general urine and faecal incontinence care (see www.secco-fms.com), wound healing and spillage control. (for our Absorbeze range click here). Many of our products are based around our core super-absorbent polymer material which offers unparalleled fluid absorbency.

Our product range is constantly being updated with new products, all of which have undergone strict and precise testing to ensure their effectiveness and quality.

Our product ranges are available through UK and European distributors – please email us on sales@prosysinternational.co.uk for more guidance as to specific product availability.

You can contact us for more information by clicking here.