ManeZe (6 x box of 16)


Manage mild male incontinence.
6 boxes of 16

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Manage mild male incontinence

Maneze is possibly the most effective and comfortable male incontinence device available. This product is particularly useful to those men who suffer from mild incontinence.

Specially designed for men who suffer from stress incontinence, occasional light dribbling or those recovering from prostate surgery, the Maneze male incontinence pouch can often be worn with a patient’s existing underpants – removing the need for often uncomfortable and embarrassing special clothing.

While other male incontinence pouches contain bulky filler to hold the active absorbent, Maneze is invisible to wear and 100% effective, with a potential capacity of a quarter of a litre! (Nearly half a pint-that’s a lot!)

As a result, Maneze offers the unique combination of outstanding capacity and effectiveness, and exceptional slimness. This makes it the ideal male incontinence pouch providing men with discrete and effective protection at all times of the day and night.

Maneze incorporates the ultra-efficient AbsorbeZe core for maximum absorbency.

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