Heel pressure relief bootee.
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To help safely remove pressure from the heel area of vulnerable patients

To help minimise the risk of pressure injuries to the vulnerable heel

  • Suitable for patients at all levels of risk, including very high risk, and for patients with existing pressure ulcers grades 1, 2, 3 & 4
  • Offloading pressure effectively reduces pressure to zero – heel sits over the ‘float zone’
  • Reduces the impact of pressure, friction and shear
  • For use in bed or with feet elevated into horizontal position.
  • May be used with other dynamic or static support surfaces
  • Comes with retention straps
  • Can be cleaned and reused

Objective is to ensure the heel is suspended, and therefore NOT subject to pressure from below

By offloading pressure from the heel, Offload pressure relief bootees effectively provide protection for the patient against the development of pressure ulceration and injury to the foot, including those patients assessed as very high risk. If existing pressure related tissue injury is severe clinical supervision is recommended.

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